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How to Use Your New Recipe Organizer

If you’ve purchased the recipe organizer from my shop, congratulations!

No more random slips of paper with recipes scattered here and there. Now you’ll have all of your favorite recipes all in one place, neat, organized, and easy to use when you’re ready to get cooking!

Keep reading for some helpful tips and hints for using the organizer:

First Time Using an Editable PDF?

If you’ve never used an editable PDF before, please consider watching the video tutorial I have prepared. It shows you step by step how to use the files and how to change the font size, color, and placement. Click HERE to watch the video tutorial. Scroll to the bottom of the page, it’s the last tutorial.


Be sure you choose “print actual size” when it’s time to print your pages. This way you’ll be sure the page looks just as it was designed.

print actual size | page orientation

Saving Your Pages

Once you’ve filled in your personalized information on each page. Be sure to choose the “save as” option. This way you will not overwrite the original file.

choose ‘save as’

Putting the Organizer Together: Binding

How you assemble your organizer is up to you.

Three Ring Binder My preferred method for the recipe organizer is using a three ring binder. This is a very affordable option. Binders are easy to find and there are many colors/patterns to choose from at your local office supply store.

Use a three hole punch on each page and insert into your binder. Or you can skip the hole punch method. If you prefer to protect your pages, purchase plastic page protectors. I use them to keep my pages neat and clean. Full page and pocket pages are available. The pocket pages are meant for 4×6 photographs, but work perfect to insert your recipe cards!

A view binder will give you the option of slipping the front cover of your organizer into the front of the binder. I insert the cover of my recipe organizer on the inside of the binder as the first page. Again, this is up to you and how you want your organizer to look.

The reasons I prefer to use a three ring binder are:

  • durability: they can take a licking and keep on ticking!
  • page protectors keep my recipe pages from getting dirty
  • ease of adding, taking away, or organizing pages as needed

There are many ways to bind a book! You can use D rings, sew the spine, comb binding, use the disc binding method, and I’m sure there are other methods I’ve not mentioned. Get creative and do what works best for you.

One Inch Stickers

I’ve included a 4×6 sheet of round one inch stickers you can use as labels for anything your little heart desires in the pantry or kitchen.

How to use them:

Open the file with your PDF viewer, fill in the desired information where you see the blue boxes. Choose ‘save as’ when finished. Print them out on a 4×6 sheet of sticker paper. You can find the sticker paper at office supply stores or online through Amazon or office/art supply stores online.

You can either cut the circles out with scissors or use a one inch hole punch. These cute little stickers work great for labeling items in your pantry, fridge, freezer, or to use as gift tags for goodies from your kitchen.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any questions that have not been addressed, please leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible.

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