Test Templates

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Blank PNG Template

Test Template #1

click to open file | a window will pop up | right click | save to your computer

The above test template is recommended for those of you who have never used my blank templates before.

I strongly urge you to take advantage of watching and following along with my video tutorial.

By testing out the template you will have the opportunity to see how you like working with this type of file before you make a purchase from my shop. If you can work with the test template, you’ll be able to work with any blank template design that I sell. Have fun and I’m sure that once you get the hang of how to use it, you’ll find that you have a new hobby!

Editable PDF Template

Test Template #2

click to open file | click arrow on top of page | download file to your computer

Download the test template above to try out one of my editable PDF templates. This particular test template is also a free set of recipe cards!

Follow along with my Editable PDF Tutorial for step by step instructions.

You’ll need Adobe Reader to work with the file. This reader is free and most computers already have it installed.

*templates are for personal use only.